How do I setup a site license group administrator?

ePublishing supports multiple ways of setting up a site license group administrator. This article describes a way to support the less common use case of an admin that will only administer a single site license group AND will not inherit the group's subscriptions, including newsletter associations.

We strongly recommend referring to the two articles below for the typical ways to setup a site license administrator:

How do I make a user a universal group administrator for site licenses? 

How do I setup a site license group administrator using /admin/licenses?

For site license group administration, ePublishing has tools for adding and removing users from a site license group. Those tools are available at /admin/licenses. The tools at /admin/licenses are only available to a user designated as a "group administrator."

This article explains how to setup a group administrator using the User Manager. Note that setting up a group administrator in the User Manager will make it so the group administrator does not inherit the subscriptions and mailing list designations established for the group.

Prior to setting up a group administrator, you need to first have the site license group setup. Refer to this article for detailed instructions on setting up a site license group. 

1. After the site license group is setup, then copy the value in the Site License Code field for the group. To find this field, go into the site license group in the User Manager. Then go to Edit > Custom Demographic. 

1A. Copy the value that is in the Site License Code field. 

2. For the group administrator, if the user is not already in the database, then create a brand new individual user in the User Manager. Once the user is created, then go to Edit > Custom Demographic.

Note: if the user already has a user record in the database, then just find the user in the User Manager instead of creating the user from scratch. 

3. Check the Site License User box and click Update classifications. You will see additional fields appear. 

4. In the field Customer Sub Type 1 , Select "Site Admin."

5. In the field Site License Code 1 ,  paste the site license code you copied in step 1. Click save. 

It's possible for a user to be a group administrator for more than one site license group. To set up a user as an administrator for more than one group, then do the steps above and use the additional Customer Sub Type fields and Site License Code fields such as Customer Sub Type 2  and Site License Code 2. 

If the administrator is a brand new user, then you can get the user setup with a password by directing them to put their email address in /user/reminder.

Once the group administrator has a password, then logging in and accessing /admin/licenses is permitted.