How do I update Site Licenses in bulk?

The Reports feature on your website allows you to update a site license expiration date for a particular site license group and specific subscriptions.

To access this feature, you must first log into your site with an account that has Admin permissions.

Follow these steps to do a bulk site license update:

  • Log into
  • Select Site License Bulk Update from the Reports page
  • Select the site license group you want to update from the dropdown list
  • If you only have one subscription, click on All Subscriptions
  • If you have more than one subscription, a list of subscriptions will be displayed.
  • Click on All Subscriptions or the subscription you want to update.
  • If you want to update more than one (but not all) subscriptions, click on the first subscription, then hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on each one you want to update.

If you select one by mistake, simply click it again to unselect it.

  • Enter the new End Date for your subscriptions
  • Click the Update Site License button
  • When your update is complete, you will get a notification at the top of the page.