How do I require users to log in before creating a directory listing

Users will be required to log in  or create an account before they can fill out a Basic or Premium Directory Listing submission. This will ensure users have editorial control over their listings without Admins having to assign it to them after the fact.

From the /directories/ID/tiers page, a user can select Purchase Basic Listing or Purchase Premium Listing. With the system set to require login, the user will be redirected to the /user/login page prior to filling out the form.

To require logins prior to Directory submissions, click Edit next to directory.submission.login.required in your System Settings and change the Value from False to True. Click Save.

Set a message on the login page to explain why the user is being asked to log in.

Under Editorial Content, find the area. Enter an explanation in the Body section and Save. This message will appear on the /user/login page in the site's "Alert" box.

After registering and/or logging in, the user will be redirected to the appropriate Directory Listing form.