What is NewsML?

1. Preparing Your Data

NewsML-G2 is not a text or image markup format; it has no way to mark paragraphs or headlines, for example.

2. Tag Your Content

Inside of InDesign, you will need to ensure that your content is tagged appropriately and completely. This will vary depending on what type of publications you produce. A full explanation of InDesign tagging can be found on Adobe’s site.

Once your InDesign document is fully and completely tagged, the content can be exported to XML, ran through your XSLT, and the result should be a properly formatted NewsML-G2 document with that follows the standardized ePublishing specifications for content importing.

3. Build an XSLT

An XSLT is an Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation. Put simply, an XSLT transforms XML documents.

To prepare your data for import from InDesign to ePublishing you will need to either internally write an XSLT, or seek outside resources to write one for you.  Your project manager can assist you in locating resources to help you get a proper XSLT written that will pass NewsML-G2 validation.

The ePublishing NewsML-G2 standard specifications can be found in the document titled NewsML_Specifications_v4.pdf.  If you do not have this document, please contact your project manager and they can send it out to you.

4. Import Your Data