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How do I set the size of an infographic on my website for optimal readability?

Infographics and other images need to look good on any browser and any device. The rise of HD and retina-display screens means that you have to do just a little bit more to make your images look good.

Create the infographic up to 2X the size of the content column for the desktop-sized version of your website.

Check with ePublishing if you're unsure about the width of your website.

For example, if your website is 680 pixels wide, the best max width would be 1360 pixels. However, 1000 pixels would still be a good size.

Note: If your original image as uploaded to your website is 500px, do not stretch the image within ePublishing to be larger than 500px. If you want your image to be 1000px, create it as 1000px or larger before uploading to ePublishing to ensure best quality.

Make sure your image is compressed as much as possible without sacrificing the readability or quality of the image.

When you create and save your image, make sure you are saving it as a Web-optimized image. Generally, the larger an image is in height and width, the greater the file size. And the greater the file size, the slower it will download on your website.

A responsive website will resize your infographic based on the user's device browser width.