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Why can't I add a file to the Media Manager? I've been able to in the past.

Below are the two most common reasons the Media Manager won't accept your uploaded file or image archive import.

Reason 1: The file type is not allowed in the Media Manager.

The Media Manager is able to accept most file types, but it does have a few limitations:

  • TIFF
  • EPS
  • other desktop publishing files such as InDesign

Reason 2: The directory you are trying to add files to has already exceeded its 2000 files/per directory limit.

For efficient processing and admin tool stability, each directory can accept 2000 individual files. Additional files beyond 2000 will not be saved. 

As a standing rule, each directory can have no more than 2000 individual files and 150 subdirectories. Each subdirectory restarts the count for individual files and additional subdirectories.

We recommend you create a solid archiving practice for the Media Manager.

The following is an example of good archiving, or file organization, practices that account for the need for growth.

Note what happened to images / publication / 2015 / Feb (bolded below) folder.

The directory hit a max limit of 2000, and the user created a subdirectory to account for additional dates. They then repeated that new structure to the March subdirectory by including the breakdown based on calendar days.

Images > Publication

  • 2015
        Jan (has 140 individual files)
        Feb (has 150 individual files)
          - 15-28 (has another 46 additional files)
          - 01-15 (has 125 individual files)
          - 16-31 (has 149 individual files)
  • 2014  (12 individual subdirectories, where each subdirectory has 125 files)
  • 2013  (12 individual subdirectories, where each subdirectory has 65 files)

Here is another possible way to organize your folders in the Media Manager.

  • Images
      A - D
         - 145 individual files
      E - H
          - 52 individual files
      I - L
         - 91 individual files
      M - O
         - 106 individual files

If you've added subdirectories or changed the format of your file and it still won't upload, please contact ePublishing Support.