What are the available layouts for event pages?

There are two versions of the Event Manager. Check with your solutions manager at ePublishing to confirm which version is active on your website.

Available layouts for event pages include:

Basic Event Layout

The basic event layout displays all of the data entered into the Event Manager tool for the event. It is set up as your template when your website or Event Manager is activated. No additional customization is needed. Here are some examples, which may not reflect the specific design on your website:

Basic Layout: No Registrations

Basic Layout: Registrations on Third-Party Site

Basic Layout: With Registrations Completed on Your Website

Custom Event Layout

You must have Version 2 to use custom event layouts. This removes the need to use Page Manager-linked pages to create a single “event subsite” and the need to house event subsites on third-party websites or in-house servers. For when your event landing page needs to have more splash, or display more information than the standard basic layout, use Custom Event Layouts. For step-by-step directions:

Custom Event Layout

How to Use Taxonomy Selections to Affect Layout

Version 2 also allows you to remove sidebars (if your site has them) or use the blank page layout to add more space to create the event landing page and remove any distractions on the page including advertising, site navigation, and other hard-coded content. Find available taxonomy selections under Edit > Supplemental in your Event in the Event Manager.