How can I change the default thumbnail size for image galleries?

There are three sizes of images that are possible in an image gallery:

  • The originally uploaded image size
  • The medium image size
  • The thumbnail image size

How are these sizes used?

  • The thumbnail is used as a preview of the image in the slideshow
  • The medium-sized image is used in the slideshow.
  • The original image can be shown as a "view full size" image.

Learn how to create an image gallery: How do I create an image gallery/photo gallery?

How to control the sizes:

You can reset the Image Gallery image sizes we automatically generate for uploaded images files under Image Gallery > Settings.

How to control the sizes:

Update the sizes.

Any images uploaded for your Image Gallery will default to these settings.

Update the sizes.

To ensure a thumbnail regenerates for an existing image using the new sizes:

Go into Edit > View in your Image Gallery.

Go into Edit > View in your Image Gallery.

Select Edit next to the image you'd like to update.

Scroll down, and select the checkbox next to Generate medium-size from full image and Generate thumbnail from new full image, and click Save.


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