How does my site use cookies? We have to write a cookie policy.

If you have to have a site cookie policy, this information may help you create it.

How your site uses cookies

Your website uses cookies both from ePublishing and third parties. How your site uses cookies commonly falls into one of the following categories:

  • Recognizing the user's computer or device when visiting your site
  • Tracking the user as they navigate your site
  • Allowing the user ecommerce functionality on your site
  • Improving the site's usability
  • Analyzing the use of the site
  • Administration of the site
  • Personalizing the site for the user, including targeting advertisements which may be of particular interest to the user.

Additionally, third-party cookies may do the following:

  • Track your browser across multiple websites
  • Build a profile of your web surfing habits
  • Target advertisements which may be of particular interest to the user.

Cookies we create:

ePublishing creates cookies for the following reasons:

User Information

  • Tracking the user
  • Name and ID number of the logged-in user
  • Automatic user logout time
  • Last page the user was on
  • Number of times a file was downloaded by a user
  • Number of items in a cart
  • Session ID

Other Purposes

  • Your Google Analytics ID number
  • What your poll answers were

Cookies Third Parties Create:

Depending on your ad server, your circulation provider, and any other integrations you have with your site, you may have many other cookies working on your site.

You may need to consult an attorney before writing your cookie policy due to GDPR and new US state privacy regulation changes.