Where to Find Authors/Author ID#s on Your Website

The following pages on your website will use the information you add to the author profiles in the Author Manager:

  • Author Landing Page: This page shows all authors that contribute to your website.Authors tagged as “Featured Authors” appear at the top and include a thumbnail of the author if one exists. URL: yourdomainname.com/authors
  • Individual Author Page: View all information about an individual author, as it was entered into the Author Manager. If an image was added, it will be shown. Articles and products associated with this author will appear on the page. URL: yourdomainname.com/authors/ID# or /authors/ID#-name
  • Individual Author Article Page: View all articles that are associated with this author. URL: yourdomainname.com/authors/ID#/articles or /authors/ID#-name/articles
  • Individual Author Products Page: View all products that are associated with this author. URL: yourdomainname.com/authors/ID#/products or /authors/ID#-name/products

What is my Author ID#?

What is my Author ID#?

The ID number, or ID#, is associated with each author. To find an Author ID#, open the author in the Author Manager. At the top, note the number next to the ID field.

Or hover over the linked author name on your website and look at the bottom of your browser window for a URL. The number in that URL is the author’s ID#.