What You Can Do with the Author Manager

Find links throughout to the step-by-step instructions for these tasks.

Use the Author Manager to:

Create an Author

To create a new author, select the CREATE link from within the Author Manager. Follow the instructions in the ePublishing Tools Guide: How do I create a new author?

Our online Tools Guide provides an overview of key steps in creating and modifying authors. Here are additional notes about functions not covered in the online guide:

  • Last name: This is the only required field in the Author Manager. All other fields are optional.
  • Email: A legitimate email address must be used without special codes or characters.
  • ID: After clicking CREATE, an ID number will appear at the top of the author’s record. This is the ID that will be associated with the author going forward.
  • Image: A primary image and a thumbnail can be associated with an author.
  • Classification: This is highly specific to each website. Some websites don’t classify authors, while others may have a detailed hierarchy. For example, a website might have authors who are bloggers, columnists, featured experts and staff writers.

A yellow banner will appear at the top when you’ve succeeded in creating a new author. If a red banner appears, the author was not saved. Please record the error messages and try again. If the red banner continues to appear after hitting SAVE or CREATE, please contact ePublishing support.

Edit an Author’s Profile

To modify an existing profile, click SEARCH & EDIT to find the author. After making your changes, click SAVE.

Note: When using the search function in the Article Manager, only the last name or author’s ID number will result in the right search results. No other fields in an author’s profile are indexed.

Delete an Author

To delete an existing author, click SEARCH & EDIT next to Author under Editorial in your main navigation. Select the author’s name you’d like to remove, scroll down and click the DELETE button.

Note: When deleting an author, be sure the author is not linked to existing website content. Deleting the author will result in that content not having a valid author association.


Designate Featured Authors

Depending on your website’s design, yourdomainname.com/authors landing page will highlight featured authors with their photos, names, links and author bios at the top. When creating or editing an author, simply tag them with the Classification taxonomy category Featured under Author Types.


Designate Sponsored Content Authors

If sponsored content has been configured for your website, authors tagged as Sponsored will appear on the yourdomainname.com/authors landing page in a special section that groups all sponsored content authors together. When creating or editing an author, simply tag them with the Classification taxonomy category Sponsored under Author Types.