Article Manager Overview & How Articles Are Used

Use the Article Manager to create and maintain your website’s articles. (Note: To edit and manage your blog posts, use the Blog Post Manager.) The Article Manager allows you to create individual articles and associate those articles with various taxonomies to drive topic landing pages, keyword landing pages, RSS Feeds, newsfeeds, publication content and more.

You may also create articles that are then sold as individual products. Articles may be free to all users, may require registration or may require a paid subscription to access. You may add media files  including images, audio, video and PDFs  to articles using the Article Manager.

For our step-by-step instructions on all things Editorial on ePublishing, please visit the ePublishing Knowledge Base online.

How Articles Are Used

For most publishers, articles are the engine of their businesses.

Take advantage of articles to:

  • Publish ongoing breaking news and analysis for your industry.
  • Publish the content that previously or concurrently appeared in your print publication.
  • Populate your newsletters and other publications.
  • Post news releases or announce new products or resources for your readers.
  • Provide summaries of your events or webinars.
  • Create article templates to streamline your article upload process.
  • Add captions to images within articles.
  • Incorporate videos or share other media alongside articles on related topics.
  • Export filtered articles to the industry-supported NewsML format (coming)

Access the Article Manager from your dashboard under Editorial in the main navigation. There, you can create, search, edit or edit by ID or import.

The following templates need to be used on your site to fully take advantage of the Article Manager:

  • Topics Landing Pages: /topics
  • Individual Topic Landing Pages: /topics/ID#-topicname
  • Individual Article Template: /articles/ID#-title-of-my-article
  • Individual Keyword Landing Pages: /keywords/ID#-keyword
  • Author Detail Template: /authors/ID#-author-name
  • Other templates based on Related Articles
  • Search Results