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Where to Find Articles/Article ID#s on Your Website

The following pages on your website display articles for your readers:

  • Topics Landing Pages: /topics
  • Individual Topic Landing Pages: /topics/ID#-topicname
  • Individual Article Template: /articles/ID#-title-of-my-article
  • Individual Keyword Landing Pages: /keywords/ID#-keyword
  • Author Detail Template: /authors/ID#-author-name
  • Other templates based on Related Articles
  • Search Results: /search/new

Where do I find my article ID#s?

The ID number, or ID#, is associated with your articles. To find an article ID#, hover over the desired article after clicking SEARCH & EDIT next to article in your navigation. In your browser’s footer, find the ID# at the end:


You may also view your article ID# in the URL when viewing your article as published on your website.



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