Where to Find Blogs/Blog ID#s on Your Website

The following pages on your website display blogs or blogs posts for your readers:

  • Blogs Landing Page: This page shows all blogs that are available on your website. URL: yourdomainname.com/blogs
  • Individual Blog Landing Page: This page shows just one blog’s header image, navigation, description, recent comments and the 10 most recent posts associated with the blog. Additional posts are available by using pagination. URL: yourdomainname.com/blogs/ID#
  • Individual Blog Topic Page: This page shows an individual blog topic header, navigation, description, and the ten (10) most recent posts tagged with that topic. Additional posts are available via pagination. You may also view blog-specific topics and links to sister blogs. Individual blog topics terms are added in the Taxonomy Manager under Topics/Category > Blog Topics > Blog Name.  The blog name must be exact for topics to appear within that blog. URL: yourdomainname.com/blogs/ID#/topic/ID#
  • Individual Blog Post: This page shows the individual blog title, navigation, description, and the post with comments. URL: yourdomainname.com/blogs/ID#/post/ID#

Where do I find my blog and blog post ID#s?

The ID number, or ID#, is associated with your blog and blog posts. To find a blog ID#, hover over the desired blog after clicking LIST or LIST & EDIT next to blog in your navigation. In your browser’s footer, find the ID# at the end:


Find the ID# for blog posts under SEO when editing an individual blog post. Also find the full URL for that blog post. You may also view your blog post ID# in the URL when viewing your blog post as published on your website.