What You Can Do with the Comment Manager

Get details on how to manage comments in ePublishing’s online Tools Guide: How do I manage comments?

Use the Comment Manager to:

Modify Comment Settings

Set site-wide rules for comments, which will apply to any pages that allow comments including articles, blog posts and products. To access your website’s comment settings, click Settings next to Comment under Editorial in your main navigation.

In the Settings:

  • Enable Moderation: This checkbox controls whether comments will immediately appear on the site or will only appear after your website’s administrator has reviewed and approved them. Comments will be marked as Inactive until reviewed and activated.
  • Enable Spam Filtering: This checkbox allows your website to automatically filter spam.  
  • Notification Email: Add an email address to notify you when new comments are submitted. This is only relevant if comment moderation is active.

Show or Hide Comments on an Article, Blog Post, Product or Directory Listing

Open individual content items  for example, an article  and make sure the checkbox next to “Allow talkback” is unclicked. In the Article and Product Managers, this can be found by clicking Supplemental under Edit in the menu. In the Blog Post Manager, find this on the first page after opening an individual blog post. In the Directory Manager, find this under Supplemental. The language on Directory Listings is “Comments Enabled” instead of “Allow talkback.”

Edit Comments

Offensive comments, whether identified by a Report Abuse link from a reader or spotted by in-house monitoring of the website, can easily be turned off. Within the search results in the Comment Manager, click Deactivate or deactivate within the comment itself. Learn more here: How do I manage comments?

Activate Suppressed Comments

A comment that was deactivated can be reactivated using this tool. Click Activate next to the comment in the search results or within the comment itself.

Find Offensive or Inactive Comments

Identify and review comments that have been marked as Offensive or Inactive by using the search function on the Comment Manager. Click the box next to Offensive or Inactive, and click Search to limit your search results.