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Editorial Content Manager Overview & How Editorial Content Zones Are Used

Use the Editorial Content Manager to create content that appears in pre-defined sections of your website. For example, editorial content may be text that appears above or below forms. Or an editorial content zone may be used for email confirmation text or a “thank you” page after someone purchases a product in your store. Some publishers use editorial content zones for promotional areas on their websites’ right rails.

Editorial content zones are typically set up during your website’s design and creation, but they can be added, as well, using the Editorial Content Manager. Please contact your solutions manager if you’d like to add a new editorial content zone to your website.

The Editorial Content Manager allows you to modify existing editorial content zones, deactivate irrelevant editorial content zones, and, using taxonomy or other internal names, create new editorial content areas.

Step-by-Step Directions:

Access the Editorial Content Manager from your dashboard under Editorial in the main navigation. There, you can create, search, edit by ID or edit individual zones.

How Editorial Content Zones Are Used

Take advantage of Editorial Content Zones to:

  • Add instructional copy to forms that are embedded on your website, including Contact Us, Classified Submission and Directory Listing Submission forms.
  • Add customer service information to your shopping cart.
  • Create an area on your homepage that can easily be updated with new promotions.
  • Easily update confirmation copy after a reader submits a form or purchases a product.
  • Create 404/Page Not Found text.
  • Add messaging for readers who have forgotten their passwords.
  • Add additional user-experience messaging.