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Media Manager Overview & How Images, Files and Audio/Video Are Used

Use the Media Manager to upload and manage files, including images, general files such as PDFs and Excel documents, audio files and video files. After upload, you can then associate or link those files to any content on the website.

Peruse the other articles in this guide under Media Manager or view step-by-step directions for some of the most common actions:

Access the Media Manager from your dashboard under Editorial in the main navigation. Or you may access all files in the Media Manager by clicking on the image icon in the WYSIWYG editing tool in most of the tools on the website.

How Images, Files and Audio/Video Are Used

Take advantage of the Media Manager to:

  • Add interest to your articles or blog posts with images.
  • Add downloadable content that complements the information you are providing, such as PDFs of court documents or press releases.
  • Sell reports in the form of downloadable files in your website’s store for immediate access to data for your customers.
  • Share clips of interviews with sources and associate those audio or video interviews with relevant articles or blog posts.
  • Upload videos to your website to be featured in a pre-determined spot on your website or on a video landing page.
  • Supplement your marketing efforts with downloadable whitepapers or marketing videos.