Page Manager Overview & How Pages Are Used

Use the Page Manager to create and modify landing pages for marketing campaigns, About Us/Contact Us pages, and other content that might be driven by third-party javascript or iframe-based content.

The Page Manager basically allows you to create a page from scratch. Your website may also allow you to classify your page to remove the sidebars and top navigation to create a more compelling page.

Step-by-Step Directions:

Access the Page Manager from your dashboard under Editorial in the main navigation. There, you can create, list and edit, or edit by ID.

How Pages Are Used

Take advantage of the Page Manager to:

  • Build a landing page for an e-newsletter sign-up
  • Create generic standard pages, such as About Us, Contact Us or Customer Service
  • Embed content from a third-party website
  • Create an annual people or companies of influence profile landing page
  • Develop a page with information about article reprings
  • Embed job boards from sites such as or
  • Create a landing page with information about advertising and linking your media kit