How to Know if Content is Hard-Coded or in an Editorial Content Zone

Most ePublishing websites minimize hard-coded content. This means that most of the content on your website is easily editable without having to ask ePublishing to make the change for you.

When you want to edit content on your website, but you’re unsure whether it is in an editorial content area or it’s hard-coded, first determine whether the content is controlled by another tool. For example, the list of Most Popular Articles on your website is controlled by the Article Manager. A calendar of upcoming events is controlled by the Events Manager. If the content is not clearly controlled by another tool, use the Editorial Content Manager and SEARCH to find the content you’d like to modify.

Or look at your website’s site documentation. Your website may be using content in various tools to populate sections of your website. If in doubt, contact your ePublishing solutions manager. If the content was hard-coded to a template when your website was built, it will require a billable change request to modify it.