Poll Manager: Advanced Techniques

Create a Poll Template

  1. Create a generic poll that has the taxonomy selections and other general data completed.  
  2. Hit SAVE.
  3. Include generic questions / answers, if necessary, and click SAVE.
  4. Click on General under Edit>.
  5. Verify that the poll has the necessary taxonomy selections and other data that you want duplicated across all polls created with this template. Click the SAVE AS TEMPLATE button at the bottom of the page.

Creating content using a template ensures that all content created with that template will have the required taxonomy selections, default content and images, where applicable. Any change to the template will be automatically applied to all content created using that template.

Use a Poll Template

If a poll template has been created, change only what is specific to the individual poll. To use a template, select the CREATE link in the Poll Manager. If a template exists, click Create from a template and select the name of the template you’d like to use. Click Auto-Update to automatically update this poll if the original poll template is updated.

Be sure to update the name of the poll, as it will match the poll template’s title. Also change the Go Live Date and Time, and Publish after updating. Edit the poll’s questions and answers and SAVE.

Front-End Templates and Polls

Any of the front-end templates for a website can display polls. Whether they are used is based on a site’s design and unique functionality requirements. If polls do not currently exist for your website, please contact your Solutions Manager.