Publication Template Controls


Below are the tools and basic instructions to make changes to the various site templates.  These pages are found using the following URLs after the domain name:

  • Publications Landing page:  Shows all publications that have been created and in the PUBLISH state from the Publication Manager.  If there are more than one publication on the site, the site visitor chooses the publication to explore.

    If there is only one publication, the most current edition of the publication is shown.
  1. URL:  /publications
  2. Editorial Content bit:
  • Publications Landing page:  Shows the most current edition of the publication.
  1. URL:  /publications/ID #
  • Publication Edition page:  Shows the table of contents from an individual publication edition.  Both archived and current editions use this template.

    URL:  /publications/ ID #/editions/ Edition ID #

The publication edition landing page is driven by the following fields of the admin tool.

  1. Optional editorial content area:
  2. Publication Manager > Name of the publication
  3. Publication Manager > Publication Edition's featured image
  4. Publication Manager > Publication Edition's headline
  5. Publication Manager > Publication Edition's teaser
  6. All publication editions appear in the drop down if there are multiple publication editions for a publication and they have a Go Live date that has passed and do not have a Pull Date or have a Pull Date that has passed.
  7. Section names come from the Publication Manager > Section subform.  Only sections that actually have content assigned for the individual edition will appear.
  8. Section name as driven by the Publication Manager > Section subform.
  9. Back to top link present for every section.
  10. Display of all articles for the section controlled by the sorting order within each section of the Publication Manager > Publication Edition.