Apply an Offer to Specific Products�

1. In the Offer Manager, select the Offer to be applied to a product.

2. Select “Applied to specific product(s)” from the Offer Type dropdown menu.

3. Select Save.

4. Select Edit > Product.

4. Select Edit > Product.

5. Select either Dependency Logic or Discounted Logic.

  • Dependency Logic allows applies the offer to specific products.
  • Discount Logic applies the offer if specific conditions are met (e.g. “Buy 3 books and get a CD for 50% off”).

6. Select products.

Under Dependency Products, select the products to be applied to the offer by clicking Search for more products.

7. Confirm selection.

7. Confirm selection.

After selecting the product(s), select Confirm Selection.

8. Select Save.

If necessary, publish the Offer by going to Edit > General and selecting Publish.