List / Edit for a Page

The List / Edit link allows you to review and sort the available page manager pages that have been created.

At a quick glance you can know the following:

  • URL to see the page on your site
  • The last time it was modified
  • Whether it is currently published on the site or not


Search Options

The page manager tool allows you to search for existing pages using the following criteria:

  • Search terms (Matches records against Page db-id, headline, URL and body. Results must have ALL of the keywords and ALL of the site placement, categories, etc.)
  • Modified After Date
  • Modified Before Date
  • Published Status (Published, Unpublished, All)
  • Taxonomies
    • Site Placement
    • Classification
    • Topic/Category

Sorting Options

Sort your results by:

  • Headline ascending
  • Headline descending
  • URL ascending
  • URL descending

Duplicate a page manager

Duplicate a page manager

Use this link to quickly jump start the creation of a new page manager page based on an existing one.