Omeda Integrations

ePublishing is integrated with Omeda's suite of products. We've provided a list of major integration features below. If you currently use or are looking to use Omeda products, please contact your Project Manager at ePublishing to learn more about how we can help.

  • Automatically add registrants and prospects to lists in Omail, as they are identified on your web site
  • Create newsletters in minutes from within ePublishing and target lists for delivery through Omail
  • Single Sign On through Omeda Forms so your ePublishing web site automatically recognizes your customer and all their product entitlements
  • Gate access to paid and controlled subscriptions through ePublishing and Omeda product integration
  • Olytics user behavior tracking built in to ePublishing through Single Sign On and Google Tag Manager
  • Syncronize ePublishing and Omeda GDPR/CCPA consent status and drive behavior on the site.