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Navigation Manager Overview & How the Navigation Manager is Used

Use the Navigation Manager to edit your main website navigation, navigation within a specific section of your website or blog navigation. Access to this tool should be strictly controlled. Changes made in the Navigation Manager will impact your entire website.

Step-by-Step Directions:

  • How do I add a navigation link for my landing page?
  • How do I change or update the navigation on my website?

Access the Navigation Manager from your dashboard under Editorial in the main navigation.

How the Navigation Manager is Used

Take advantage of the Navigation Manager to:

  • Show off the depth of the content offered on your website.
  • Add a link to a landing page or other internal page on your website to your main navigation.
  • Update your footer menu with new features.
  • Add popular topics or categories to make it easy for your readers to find that content.
  • Link to blogs from the front page.
  • Control form dropdown menus: For example, event types or contact purposes.
  • Update your sitemap.
  • Update subscription options.

Review your website’s documentation or check with your solutions manager to determine if your website is set-up for enhanced ways of using the Navigation Manager, such as adding images to menu items.

Here’s an example of menus controlled by the Navigation Manager from various ePublishing websites: