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How do I use the New User Activation feature?

What is that "activate" checkbox I see in the user manager?

A registrant can now be required to activate their account before they are able to login to the site successfully. After a user completes the registration form (found at /user/new), the user's account is not active until the user clicks an activation link sent via email. This new feature only applies to the registration form (/user/new). If a user creates a new account while creating a new subscription or purchasing products, they will be automatically marked as active in the database.

Why is it a good idea to use this feature (AKA, why did you create it)?

With the rise of the bot army and groups of human ne'er-do-wells who have less than honorable intentions, clients have seen a spike in the number of registrations that offer no value, clogging up the user manager and analytics reports with useless data. Along with captcha and honeypot solutions, this feature will help keep your user list laser focused on leads and valuable customers.

How do I activate it?

Go to Settings in your admin tools, found under Advanced. Search for require.new.account.activation. If it is set to true, a new registrant will receive an email with a link to click to verify their account before they can use that account to login.

Are there any Editorial Content areas I can edit?

Go to the Editorial Content tool and look for these two:

registration.thankyou.with.activation.msg – The message shown to the user after they register

user.activation.thankyou.msg – The message shown to the user after click on the activation link and successfully activate their account.

What happens if a new user doesn't activate?

A scheduled task runs each night at 3am ET and will purge all inactive users created more than 30 days ago.

Are site license users automatically activated?

Yes, user accounts created through /admin/licenses or /site-licenses/new?license_code=  will automatically be activated upon creation, even when require.new.account.activation is set to true.