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How do I add a navigation link for my landing page?

This article will show you how to add a link to your landing page in any of your navigation, including your main nav (top of the website) or your footer.

1. To access the Navigation menu on your Dashboard, hover over Editorial and select Manage Navigation Menu.

2. Select the Navigation Menu you'd like to edit.

The main Navigation Menu is typically called "main," but please check with your Solutions Manager if you have any questions. Footer is usually designated as "Footer."


3. After selecting the menu, your page will look like this:

4. Click the plus sign next to the menu name.

5. If you'd like to add a link under a main category in the Main Navigation, for example, click on the folder you'd like your link to appear in.

6. Hover over the child category and click on the edit icon. Your screen will look like this after:

Your new link is not live yet. If it is live, the icon next to your new Link (highlighted in the above screenshot) will be the same darkness as the others.

8. Paste the URL of your landing page under URL.

If the landing page is internal, as most are, you will not need to include your site's domain.

If you'd like your link to open in a new window, select Open in New Window.

10. When you are finished, click Save.
11. To remove an item from navigation, even temporarily, click "Hidden?"

Depnding on any special cacheing rules for your site, you may have to wait upto 15 minutes to have the navigation change be visible on the site.