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How do I get rid of the "overweight cart" message?

Shipping rates are based on the total weight of the cart. If you are seeing an "overweight cart" message, it is because your shipping rates do not have an entry that accounts for the weight of the user's cart.

1. Look to your Shipping Rate Manager to determine what your current rates are.

2. Determine the most likely max weight of your carts, based on user purchase histories.

3. Determine if you have potential international readers who may want to purchase your products.

4. You will need the following from your preferred shipping vendor: their zones / rates / weight tables.

FedEx provides these in two tables: Country / State Zones and Country / State Rates & Zones.

Other shippers generally will provide the same.

The next two steps can either be done manually or by providing Continuum the shipper's zone / rate / weight tables. Discuss with your Solutions Manager the impact of  importing these tables, if they weren't originally imported to your website.

4.1. Create shipping zones for each country that match what your preferred shipper will ship to and which you want to support online.These do have to comply with US laws about what countries are on export bans / restrictions. (Example, Iran and North Korea) 

4.2. Create shipping rates for each of the shipping types you support that match those weight and rate levels AND exceed by at least 10% the max weight you set in Step 2.

Read the following article for steps to do so: How do I update shipping rates?

4.3. If you have a weight limit for shipping rates from your vendor or internally, you may need to work with a separate shipping company for larger weight shipments.

5. Update the editorial content area message: cart.overweight.message. This is delivered to your customers.

5.1. Go to the Editorial Content manager under Editorial.

5.2. Search for cart.overweight.message in the search field in the top, right-hand corner.

5.3. Click on the link to open the manager.

5.4. Edit the body of the editorial content area accordingly.

Edit the text to be specific to your site and don't forget to provide a contact number.

Here are some examples of how other Continuum users have used this:

  • Requiring contact when cart was going to exceed 100 lbs.
  • Requiring contact when shipping outside of U.S. / Canada / Mexico or Europe above 5 lbs.
  • Anything that went to Australia or China

Every website is different. If you have questions, please contact your Solutions Manager.