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How do I create a registration form for an event?

To create a registration form for your free or paid event, create a product out of the event. Learn how to set up the event itself here: How do I create an Event?

Customer-facing registration/event design will vary by website, but during the purchasing process, your customer will be asked to provide a main contact and attendee details. To access the list of attendees registered for your event, click on Attendance under Edit in your Event in the Event Manager.

1. In your Event in the Event Manager, select Product under Edit.

Learn how to create an Event page here: How do I create an event?

2. Add a Product Name, Headline and Description. Frequently, these are just the Event Name.

3. Set up pricing under Pricing Options.

3.1. To set up registration for a free event, simply set the price as $0.

3.2. To set up pricing, set the minimum and maximum quantity (example: from 1-5 seats at the event) and the price associated with each.

To add a pricing tier, fill in the form under the black bar labeled "Add more pricing options." For even more, click Add more (circled above).


3.3. To assign a Classification to your event - for example, Corporate Table - Navigate to your Product in under Product Manager and click on Classifications and select the appropriate taxonomy.

3.4. Here's an example of what pricing may look like for your event. Classifications are customized by website. Contact your solutions manager for questions on classifications.

3.5 Add a description to your pricing to clarify to your audience.

Make sure for Product Type you select Event.

4. Back in your Event Manager assign additional Classification or Topic/Category, if desired, and click Save.
5. Update your SEO by clicking SEO under Edit.
6. Make sure to update your:
  1. Friendly URL (create your own or click on the blue link to auto generate one)
  2. Update your browser title (if you want a different title than your event name)
  3. Meta description
  4. Meta keywords (these will auto populate if you filled out keywords on your event page under the general tab)
9. If you'd like to associate discount codes with your event, click Offers under Revenue in your Dashboard.

9.1. Associate your event with a current offer or set up a new offer.


Learn how to create offers in: How do I create discount codes or offers?

10. Your event registration is ready to go. To go live, return to the General tab, check Publish and hit Save Changes.

Additionally, if you'd like to direct your users to login before registering for an event or provide them with more information, you can adjust the messaging in the Editorial Content area event.registration.top.msg. This content will display below the "Register for this Event" line on the event registration form.