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How do I add and manage my Keyword list?

In Continuum, you can create keywords "on the fly" by simply starting to type into the Keywords field. If a matching keyword exists, it can be selected.

If no matching keyword exists, after typing the keyword or phrase, hit your Enter key to create the keyword.

Keywords can be duplicated if you create the same keyword more than once, so be careful to select a keyword if it shows up in the list.

How do I restrict users from adding new keywords?

This new feature was added in March 2022

If you are a Sys Admin, you can add or remove the Add Keywords privilege to a user role.

  • Log into Continuum and navigate to Roles & Privileges.
  • Edit the Add Keyword privilege
  • Remove a user Role by clicking on the X in the role (see images below)
  • Add by clicking in the box to display all roles and selecting the new role
  • Save

Users without the privilege will get warned when they try to add new keywords. They can continue to add existing keywords.

If you are not a Sys Admin and want to remove this privilege from a user role, please contact your Project Manager.

How do I manage my keywords?

If you are an Admin user on the system, you can log into your website and go to /admin/keyword-management to see a list of all the keywords on your site, edit the keyword name and delete extraneous or duplicated keywords.

On the Keyword Management page, scroll through or search for your keyword of interest.

The number in parentheses is the number of times the keyword is used. You can view what articles are using the keyword on your website by going to [your domain]/keywords/[id]

Click on a keyword to edit or delete. 

Edit the name and Save or Click on Delete. When you delete, if anything is tagged with that keyword, the keyword will be removed from those items.