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How do I add a podcast episode to my site?

This article will show you how to add a podcast episode file to your site through the use of the Media Manager.

If you would like to create a new podcast, and not just an episode, read this: How do I add or create a new podcast on my website?

Open the Media Manager.

Choose the folder or sub-folder you wish to upload the new podcast episode into

You can drag and drop your audio file to where it says Upload Files or you can click on Upload Files and browse your computer.

Once uploaded, click on your file to update the information relevant to this new episode.

1. You can download your file here

2. Preview your audio

3. Associate an image with the file if you'd like

4. Update the title (the name of the episode).

5. Check if you want the file to be available on your site search. If the box next to Indexable is selected, the audio file can appear in relevant search results.

Left unchecked, the audio file will not appear in search results.

6. Save changes or delete file.

Under the advanced tab:

1. Give this episode a description

2. Associate with topics, site placement, classifications if you'd like.

Tag the audio file with the podcast's taxonomy found under Topic / Categories > Audio Galleries.

Do you want the podcast to only be available to site subscribers? Or to logged-in readers? Choose the relevant classification taxonomy:

  • Requires Subscription
  • Requires Registration

Otherwise, leaving this off just allows all of your site visitors to listen to your podcast unhindered.

3. Save

Under Assigned To you'll see where on your site this file is associated.