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How do I find and edit an existing author?

This article will show you how to modify an existing author's details on your website, including their name, email address, Twitter handle and bio.

As background, when you create or edit an article or blog post, you may select an author to be associated with that content.

This is the name that will appear in the byline and whose bio will appear under or beside the article, depending on your website's design.

By associating content with authors, you may present content by author on the website.

And include the author's bio, if you choose, at the top or bottom of an article or blog post.

To edit existing author bios and other information on your website, follow these steps:

Access the Author Manager under Editorial. Select or search and select the author you wish to edit.

Click the name of the author you'd like to edit.

To change an author's name, edit the First Name and Last Name fields.

To change the Twitter handle of an author, edit the Twitter field.

To change the email associated with an author, edit the E-mail field.

To update the bio of an author, edit the Description.

To edit the image associated with an author, click the Add image (or click on an existing image) at the top and either select an image from the Media Manager or upload one from your computer.

Need more information on using the Media Manager? Read this article: 

When you are finished editing the author, click Save Changes.

A green bar will appear when the changes to the author have been saved to the database.

To delete an author, click Delete at the bottom of an author's record.