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How do I create a unique URL for my landing page?

Learn more about creating landing pages here: How do I create a landing page?

You will be asked to add a URL for your landing page when you create it in the Page Manager.

Highlight the text and replace it with a relative path. Consider SEO when drafting your URL.

You may not use special characters, such as &, ?, / and other common punctuation. Do not add spaces. A best practice is to use hyphens or underscores.

CAUTION: If you update the URL after your page is already published and linked, your readers may encounter a 404 if they click on an old link to the page. An automatic redirect will not be created. Create a redirect using the Redirect Manager if this occurs.

In addition to the main URL for your page, you may want to create a second URL to track in a specific marketing campaign, for example.

To create an additional URL for campaign-specific tracking, use the Redirect Manager after your landing page is created and published.