How do I add a Newsletter Preheader?

This feature, added in December 2022,  takes precedence over the Layout Option pre.header. If you have a pre.header configured, it will be used in your newsletter issue configuration unless you add content on the Preheader tab.

As a general practice, you may want to set up generic pre.header text in the Layout Options as a fallback in case you forget to add a preheader for a particular issue. Layout Options persist across issues, whereas the new Preheader feature is per issue.

A preheader is the information that shows in a user's In box after the Subject line. Easily create and edit a preheader per issue from the Preheader tab.

From a  Newsletter Issue page, click on the Preheader tab.

Once on the Preheader tab, simply add the content of the message that you want to display in the user’s inbox after the Subject.

Click Save

This content will be incorporated into the issue html when you click the Generate HTML/Text button.

This is the HTML that is generated:

NOTE: This refers to the simple pre.header layout option. It does not apply to the pre.header.visible layout option. The new Preheader feature will override a pre.header layout option.

See: What are the newsletter Layout Options?