ePublishing Knowledge BaseContinuumMedia ManagerIs there a file size limit for files uploaded to the Media Manager?

Is there a file size limit for files uploaded to the Media Manager?

The Media Manager has a max file size of 1.5 GB per file.  That includes audio and video files.

Image files should not be larger than 2 MB (megabytes).

The reason this is important is because ePublishing's image optimization algorithm doesn't work for files larger than 2 MB. 

In addition, optimizing your images for the web allows your site to load faster, which improves the site's SEO.

Guidelines for images are as follows:

  • Featured Images - landscape: 1200x900 pixels (image ratio 4:3), max file size 2 MB
  • Featured Images - portrait: minimum height of 600 px, max file size 2 MB
  • Inline images within articles - no height restriction, but the image width should fit within your article width; max file size 2 MB

Do not not use the WYSIWYG to edit the image sizes (even though you have the option). Edit the image to the desired dimensions in the editing tool of your choice and then upload the image to the Media Manager

Remote files

If you need to upload a larger file, we recommend uploading them on an outside server and providing the link to that file to the Media Manager via the Remote File option. You will still have full access to tag files with taxonomies and include them in search results.