How do I manage comments?

You may use the Comment Manager to control comments on the website and easily review user-submitted comments on your articles, blog posts, directory listings and products.

This article will show you how to:

  • Enable moderation on comments, including spam
  • Set a notification email when a comment is posted
  • Edit comments to fit site guidelines
  • Activate or deactivate comments
  • Mark comments as offensive

For ePublishing websites that are using third-party commenting solutions such as Disqus and Gigya, refer to documentation provided by those solutions.

After reviewing this article, learn more about limiting the spam in comments: How do I limit spam in comments?

1. Access existing comments in the Comment Manager under Editorial in the Dashboard.

To moderate comments for a specific article, post, product, or listing, you can also open Comments from the Edit drop-down menu in the article, blog post, product, or directory tool.

2. Select the comment type you'd like to review.

You may sort your results by begin and end dates, offensive, spam or inactive.

Make your selection and click on Filter Search.

3. In the search results, quickly review comment status, the full comment, the associated content (article, blog post, etc), the comment poster and more.

3.1. Delete, activate or mark as spam directly from the search results if desired.

4. Select the comment you'd like to view.

4.1. You may edit the comment's title or body to fit site guidelines.

4.2. Set the status of the comment.

Mark a comment as offensive or inoffensive. When inoffensive, the background of this area is white when viewing the list of comments in the Comment Manager. When offensive, it's marked as red.

Delete or Activate the comment by clicking the correct link. When activated, the comment is white when viewing the list of comments in the Comment Manager. When deactivated, it is red.

4.3. When you mark a comment as spam, it will be permanently removed from the system after you click Save. This action cannot be undone.

If you want to have an effect on future spam, don't delete comments. Instead, Mark as Spam. Learn more here: How do I limit spam in comments?