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I created a new edition of my publication. Why can't I see it on the site?

The Publication Manager allows you to create an online-only publication or an online version of your print publication. This is different than a digital edition, which is often an exact copy of the print edition.

The most common reason why you can't see the publication edition you've just created is due to missing a Go Live or Publication date or the Go Live date not having yet passed.

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To access your publications, Publications under Editorial in your dashboard.

Click on the publication you'd like to edit an edition for.

Select the existing edition to edit.

Upon opening the edition, check the Go Live Date and Time in the bottom right corner.

The date and time represents when the publication edition will go live on your website. Set a Pull Date and Time only if you'd like it to be unpublished at any time. Most of the time, the Pull Date and Time will remain open.

Now check the Publication Date, which drives which order your editions appear on your publication's landing page.

The most recent edition, as determined by this date, will be listed first.

After updating, click Save in the top right.

Confirm you have set your Go Live date and your Publication Date correctly. If you have, this edition is ready to go!