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How do I give a user who has purchased a product made up of multiple downloadable files access to those files?

You have a product you sell on your website made up of several individual downloadable files. What is the best way to add those to ePublishing?

Answer: As a bundle of individual General File, Video, or Audio files products. See the create a video, audio, or general file product article article for more detailed information on creating a product. Learn how to create a product bundle in this article.

After your reader purchases a product bundle, they will be able to access the files immediately or in their User Profile.

Note the important difference between adding files in the Supplemental subform and the Media subform in the Product Manager:

There are two ways to add downloadable files, both within your product in the Product Manager:

  • Product > Supplemental subform > Associated File - This is where you add the files you are selling to your readers. Your readers can only access these after purchase.
  • Product > Media subform > any file added here - Files added here will appear for free on the product's page in your website store.

To upload files for purchase, use the "Associated File" Field on the Product Manager > Supplemental subform.

Files included here will show up on a logged-in user's Purchased Content tab to access in the future from their User Profile.

IMPORTANT: This field only allows a single file. If you want to have multiple files available to a user when they purchase a product, create a bundle product where each file is its own product. The bundle pulls these together. When the user purchases the bundle, gaining access to all of the file products.

Use the Product Manager > Media subform to provide additional information/resources to readers considering making a purchase.

Files added to the Media subform will appear on the actual Product Detail page on the client's site. You may want to use this feature to help a user determine whether they want to purchase the product. Important: You can add more than one type of file. But these files are all free and can be made available on the Product Detail page, depending on your layout and custom business rules.

Common uses may be Table of Contents as a PDF, code samples, etc.