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How can I control my 404 or Page Not Found page?

You've seen the amusing error pages on other sites and you want to make your 404 error page reflect the personality of your site and guide your site users better.

You can control the 404 Page Not Found error page by using the Editorial Content Manager. 

Below are a few examples for inspiration that our publishers have created:

Here's one example:

To update your Page Not Found/404 page, start at the Editorial Content Manager

Search for error.404.editorial

Click on the title to edit.  

Edit the headline and/or body with your changes (outlined below). Click Save Changes when you're finished making changes.

To view your changes, type in yourdomain.com/asdf. For example:

This will trigger a 404/Page Not Found page on your website.

If you see additional changes are needed, return to your editorial content area and edit accordingly.