Associating IP Addresses to Site License Groups

One method to grant site license users access to your site is to whitelist their IP address, or a company's IP address range. Instead of users logging in, our site can recognize their specific IP address or range to give the user appropriate access to your content.

To enable this functionality, please set the following system settings:

remote.ip.trigger.enabled    true

site.license.enabled    true

To add specific IP addresses or IP address ranges to a site license group, navigate to the User Manager > Select the Site License Group > General.

Type in the IP address or IP range and Save the profile. If you are whitelisting one IP address, the begin and end field should have the same value.

For security reasons, we have implemented validation on the IP Address Range fields. The IP address range validation rules are as follows:

  • Four numbers separated by "."
  • Each number can have a maximum value of 255
  • ex: max, min
  • For an IP address range to be valid, the begin field must be less than the end field