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Can I be notified if an order transaction fails? How?

If an order transaction on your website fails, you'll want to know. ePublishing allows you to set up notifications to your email regardless of why the transaction failed. The notification email includes a customer's contact information and the order's details.

This article will show you how to set-up an email address to receive notifications for failed order. It will also show you how to turn on the notifications.

Important: You will need access to the Sys Admin > System Settings. Talk to your systems administrator to get this privilege added to your role or as an individual privilege in the User Manager.

1. If you would like to be notified when an order transaction fails, go to Advanced > Settings and search for order.notify.on.failure.

2. Click on the item under VALUE and then type true (all lowercase) in the Value field. Now the system knows to send notifications anytime an order fails.

3. Now you need to set up the email address those notifications will be sent to. While in settings, under advances, search for the setting called order.failure.email.

4. Click on the field under VALUE and type the email address you want notifications sent to regarding order failure.
5. Search for the setting webmaster.email.

This setting controls the email address from which your notification is sent. This field is required to send this notification. Learn more about the webmaster email.

6. Click the field under VALUE and put the email address you want to send the notifications from.
7. When an order fails the email address you entered will receive an message with the order and an error message regarding why the order failed ie: an invalid credit card expiration date.