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What Content Is on the Version 2 (v2) Topics Landing Page Template?

If you would like to use the version 2 (v2) topics landing page template, then please reach out to your Project Manager to discuss enabling and styling the page. The route for this page is:/topics/id.Note:if you have the right rail enabled for your site's v2 topic page, then the layout of /topics/id will be different than the screenshots below to accommodate the right rail. The system setting that controls whether or not there is a rail on v2 topics is: topicsv2.­sidebar.­enabled

What content renders on v2 topic landing pages?

Multiple types of content render on the template, provided that they are tagged with the appropriate taxonomy. For example, for taxonomy X, any of the following content types tagged with taxonomy X will display on the topic landing page.

  • Articles - including articles tagged with child taxonomies
  • Blog Posts
  • Authors - authors who have written articles or blog posts tagged with the topic taxonomy
  • Products
  • Sponsored Articles - article must be tagged with both the topic taxonomy and the classification Sponsored Content (SPONSORED_CONTENT)
  • Videos
  • Audio Files
  • Image Galleries
  • Polls
  • Events
  • Pages
  • Downloads

Note: if a topic does not have content for one of the sections noted above, then the section collapses.

Here is an example of the version 2 topics page:https://demo.epublishing.com/topics/114-career-advice

What is the logic for each of the sections on this page?

The Featured Image section displays the image in the image field in the Taxonomy Manager for the specific taxonomy. You can select or modify this image using the Media Manager. The taxonomy description is also displayed. 

Hamburger Menu

Clicking the hamburger menu reveals the children of taxonomy X. If the taxonomy does not contain any children topics, then there is no hamburger menu. 

The Featured Articles section displays the three most recently published articles tagged with taxonomy X.

Child Topic Articles

This section displays two child taxonomies, with descriptions. Each child topic will show the five most recently published articles tagged with the child topic. The two most recent articles will include featured images. 

If the topic for the page has no child topics, then instead of the child topic sections, the page will display ten additional articles tagged with taxonomy X. 

Blog Posts

This section displays the five most recent blog posts tagged with taxonomy X. The two most recent blog posts will include featured images.


The Products section displays  four products tagged with taxonomy X. 

The Authors section displays six authors that have written articles or blog posts tagged with taxonomy X. 

This section highlights one article tagged with Classification > Sponsored Content. 


The Videos section displays up to six videos tagged with taxonomy X. Two videos will appear first with images. The next four videos will display below them with just the title and play button.

The Audio section displays podcasts episodes tagged with taxonomy X.

Image Galleries/Polls

The Galleries section displays one image gallery tagged with taxonomy X. 

The Polls section displays one poll tagged with taxonomy X.


The Events section displays three upcoming events tagged with taxonomy X that are closest to today’s date.

The Pages section displays four Page Manager pages tagged with taxonomy X.

The Downloads section displays general media files tagged with taxonomy X. 

What if I do not want all those sections on my topic pages?

We have the system settings below that control which sections are displayed for all of your topic pages. These are available under Sys Admin > System Settings.

  • topicsv2.audio.files.enabled   
  • topicsv2.authors.enabled
  • topicsv2.blog.posts.enabled
  • topicsv2.child.topics.enabled
  • topicsv2.downloads.enabled
  • topicsv2.events.enabled
  • topicsv2.featured.articles.enabled
  • topicsv2.image.gallery.enabled
  • topicsv2.pages.enabled
  • topicsv2.poll.enabled
  • topicsv2.products.enabled
  • topicsv2.sidebar.enabled
  • topicsv2.sponsored.content.enabled
  • topicsv2.videos.­enabled
  • topicsv2.whitepapers.enabled