How do I create or edit a publication?

The Publication Manager allows you to create an online version of your print publication or an online-only publication. This is different than a digital edition, which is often an exact copy of the print edition.

This article will show you how to create a new publication or edit an existing one through the Publication Manager.

Learn how to create a new issue or edition of a publication: How do I create a new edition or issue of a publication?

Note: This tool is different but can be linked to the Newsletter Manager, which manages email newsletters.

Here's an example of a landing page for a website with multiple publications:

Each individual publication then has its own landing page.

To create a new publication, click on Add Publication under Publications under Editorial in your dashboard.

If you'd like to edit an existing publication, select the publication and click on the Edit Publication tab.

To create a new one, add a Title, Teaser and Description. The teaser will appear on the index page for your publications.

Use HTML or click on Edit in WYSIWYG Editor to format your content. Learn more in: How do I format content?

Add the frequency of publication.
Assign Site Placement and Topic/Category if relevant for your website by clicking on the boxes next to the appropriate categories.
Go to Departments at the bottom.

Some publications have just one "section." The above image is an example of one with several.

Change the order in which your sections appear on your page by clicking on the icon next to the section name (circled) and dragging your preferred spot.

Here's an example of how sections appear on your publication's landing page.

Edit a section by clicking on the title.

Change the name and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Add a new department by clicking Create at the bottom of the form after adding your new section details.

Before adding editions to your publication click Publish. Only publications that are published will be active on your website.
Are you ready to create a new edition of your publication? Navigate to the Editions tab.

You can scroll for the edition you wish to edit or search for it.

Learn how to create an edition of your publication in this article: How do I create a new edition or issue of a publication?