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How do I unpublish an existing editorial content block?

Editorial content areas are used on your website for fixed content that can be edited. This content is usually just one part of a larger page. Frequently, for example, editorial content is used to allow for easy editing of sections of a right rail or on the front page. Or an editorial content area may allow you to edit introductory paragraphs on pages with forms that your customers might submit, such as classifieds. Some editorial content areas are for confirmation text after a customer purchases a product or submits a form. View the full list of default editorial content areas in the User Manual.

This article will show you how to unpublish an existing editorial content area. For example, if you no longer want a section on your front page to be visible - you were using it as a temporary promotional area for an event, for example - you may want to hide it. To do that, you just need to unpublish the editorial content area.

The status of most editorial content areas should remain as they are, however. If you have questions about how editing an existing editorial content area will affect your website, please contact your solutions manager.

1. To access the Editorial Content Manager, click Editorial Content under  Editorial in your dashboard.

2. The Editorial Content Manager organizes your editorial content areas alphabetically.

The Internal Name (1, above) represents the name of the editorial content area on your website. This was set up by ePublishing. The Headline (2, above) may or may not be visible, depending on your website. In some cases, it may help you pinpoint which editorial content area you need to edit if the Internal Name is not clear.

2.1. For example, Submit An Event is the description of where the event.submission.top.msg editorial content area lives on your website.

3. Select the editorial content area you'd like to edit by clicking on the Internal Name.

4. Uncheck Publish? and hit Save Changes.

A green box will appear that confirms your editorial content zone has been updated.