How do I create discount codes or offers?

Click Offers under Revenue on your Dashboard.

Click the "+" icon to create a new offer. Or use the Search bar to find existing promotions.

Name your Offer, and assign a code.

If a minimum purchase is required to get the promotion, designate it under "Minimum Purchase Total." Assign a Discount Amount. Set the Offer Type: whether it applies to the entire cart or specific products, or is a Free Shipping or Discounted Shipping offer.

In the case of a Percentage Discount, 10 represents 10% off. In the case of a Monetary Discount, 10 represents $10 off.

Describe the offer for internal use, and write confirmation text to appear after a promo code is successfully applied.
If the promotion is only available for set dates or times, designate that.
Assign Products associated with this Offer by clicking on the Product tab.

You have to save the new Offer before the Product tab will appear.

Select either All or Any in the dropdown under Discount Logic and select the product or products the discount is based on.
  • Any: If any of the products are chosen by the buyer, he will receive the offer.
  • All: Only if all of the products are chosen by the buyer will he receive the offer. For example, buy these three books and get a CD for 50% off.
Click the "+" to add Products, and then check the box next to the Products the Offer applies to, and click Add.
Save the Offer in the top right.