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How do I link Newsletter Articles to other URLs

This is an option to set up newsletters to override the default behavior of linking articles to the website url. 

Update System Settings

Go to Advanced > System Settings and search for Source in the "Search setting..." bar to bring up these two settings:


This setting moves fields from the Show More Fields box and adds them to the article editor by default. Read more.

     Add source url as a value as shown.


When set to true, the newsletter issue article link will be pulled from the article Source URL field.

     Change the value from false to true as shown.

This setting is "all or nothing" — all newsletter issue article links will be pulled from the Source URL. If the Source URL field is blank, then no link will be included for the article in the newsletter issue.

Include Source URL in the Article editor

In the article editor, add your external source url in the Source Url field. Save your changes.

Include Article to a Newsletter Issue

Add articles to the newsletter issue as normal. See How do I create an eNewsletter issue? and/or How do I add an article to a Newsletter Issue or Publication Edition from the Article editor?

Hovering over an article link shows that the article is linking to the source Url.