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How do I create a recurring billing / automatically renewing subscription product?

You can create subscription products that automatically renew if your subscription fulfillment service ePublishing is integrated with permits. Follow these steps to set up a recurring billing subscription product.

Recurring billing currently only works with Authorize.net as the payment processor and with a subscription fulfillment service integration that supports recurring billing.

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Create Subscription Product

For steps on creating a subscription product click here.

Create an initial Pricing Option

A recurring billing subscription product may have a low introductory rate for an initial time period. This is controlled by the duration of the subscription product.

Update Pricing Option for the initial price

This price is what is initially charged to the subscriber's credit card for the subscription.

Under Custom Field Group select the Recurring Billing Option to get the following:

  1. Recurring Cost holds the cost of the subscription after the initial time period has bassed. This cost will be charged to the subscriber's credit card after the initial subscription ends.
  2. Recurring Subscription Days holds the number of days until the first automated recurring billing charges will be made. Subsequent recurring subscription charges will be made every X days.

In this example. when the subscriber initially subscribed

  1. Card was charged $3.99 USD for a 30-day trial subscription.
  2. After 90 days, the subscriber's saved card was charged $15.99 USD every 90 days after that.

NOTE:  Per Authorize.net, billing cycles have a maximum of one (1) year.  Publications also have a minimum of seven (7) days.

Payment Processor

ePublishing supports automatic renewal billing for sites that the Customer Information Management module from Authorize.net.