eCommerce Multi-currency functionality

This feature allows products to be sold in more than one currency, for example US dollars $, Euros € and Pounds £.

Payment Gateway

ePublishing is integrated with SagePay as a multi-currency payment gateway. This is the only payment gateway that works with the Multi-currency functionality. Please contact your Project Manager to discuss this integration.

Admin Setup

Currencies are set up as children of the Classification > Currencies for E-commerce (CURRENCIES)

US $ remains the default eCommerce currency unless the system setting default_currency is changed to another currency.

A single currency can be set up on the product level by going to a Product > Edit > Supplemental and selecting a currency under Classification > Currencies for E-commerce. This becomes the default currency for that product.

Multiple currencies can be set in the Product Pricing Options section.

  • Start at Admin > Revenue > Product > select your product
  • From the Product > General form,  scroll down the page to the Pricing Options section. Select Classifications (Manage).
  • Under Currencies for E-commerce, select the desired currency for each pricing option. If you have also set a product-level currency, you can create a pricing option without setting the currency.

Front-End Display

Multi-currency pricing can be set for any type of product, with out-of-the-box styling.  Let's look at how the front-end and Admin work with different forms.

Clients may have customizations that deviate from these screen-shots, so you may need to discuss changes with your Project Manager.

Classified Ads:

Pricing options appear in a dropdown on the front-end /classifieds/new page:

Enter the pricing and description in the Product Manager under your classified ads listing:

Event Registration

Pricing options appear as a line item for each pricing option on the /events/id page. The pricing option descriptions is shown as the description in the table below:


If your site is using the /subscriptions page, with the multi-currency feature, you will see a drop down menu with each currency listed.

The drop down is populated with the internal name of the currency in the taxonomy manager. Look at this screen shot of Classification > Curriences for E-commerce in the taxonomy manager. The internal name for £  is GBP

The pricing adjusts as the user selects different pricing options from the drop down menu.

One-off article products

A product associated with an article on /article/id will retain the current behavior on the page with a simple "Purchase this Article" button.  

The button will link to the product description page and the user can select their currency of choice.

Premium Directory Listing

A Premium Directory Listing on /directories/id/tiers will retain the current behavior on the page with a simple "Purchase Premium Listing" button.

Pricing options can be included on the page by adding content to the editorial content area.

The button will link to the Listing Submission form first.

On submit, the user is taken to the product description page.


The product list on/products or /product/category/id will show pricing in all currencies

On the product description page, all pricing options will be displayed.

Error messaging

If a user tries to add items of different currencies into the cart, an error message will display on the /cart page:

If you try to implement the Multi-currency feature with a Payment Gateway other than SagePay, you will get an error message when trying to check out: