ePublishing Knowledge BaseContinuumAboutWhat are the standard ePublishing templates for a website? How can I see them on my website?

What are the standard ePublishing templates for a website? How can I see them on my website?

Not every website makes use of every template available from ePublishing. Templates may include the standard design for a blog post, for example, or a product page in your store.

Some websites have custom templates created to support their business models.

Below is a comprehensive list of all of the templates available for a standard build and the link path to access them.


  1. Contact your Solutions Manager to modify the styles accordingly.
  2. Use your website's custom CSS to make desired changes.
Templates URLS and special notes
Home page /
Article page /articles/id
Article page (locked / gated) /articles/id?v=preview
Article: Print Friendly /articles/print/id
Article: metered /articles/id
Forward to a Friend email /emails/send_to_friend/articles/id
Authors Landing page /authors
Topic Landing Page /topics
Individual Topic Landing Page /topics/id
Compound Topic Landing Pages /topics/:id,:id
Keyword Landing Page /keywords/:id
Articles Topic /articles/topic/id
Articles Keyword /articles/keyword/id
Individual Author Landing page /authors/:id
Individual Author Article page /authors/:id/articles
Individual Author Product page /authors/:author_id/products
Articles Email /articles/email(/:id)
Articles Log View /articles/log_view/:id
Articles Preview /articles/preview(/:id)
Blogs Landing page /blogs
Blog Home Page /blogs/:id
Blog Post Page /blogs/:id/post/:post_id
Blog Post Preview /blogs/post_preview(/:id)
Classifieds Landing Page /classifieds
Classified Listing Page /classifieds/id
Classified Topic Landing /classifieds/category/id
Classified Submission Form /classifieds/new
Classified Thank You /classifieds/thanks
Event Page /events/
Event Topic Landing /events/category/:id
Event Landing: Date Range /events/range/:range
Event Topic Landing: Date Range /events/category/:id/range/:range
Events Keyword Landing Page /events/keyword/:id
Event Detail Page /events/:id
Event Detail Page (v2) /events/:id
Event Detail (v2) Registration Product /events/:id
Event Detail (v2) Custom Events /events/:id
Event Detail (v2) Remove rail /events/:id
Event Detail (v2) Full page /events/:id
Event Registration Form /events/register/:id
Event Registration Thank You /events/thanks
Event Submission Form /events/new
Event Log View /events/log_view/:id
Event Registration Email event_order in views/order_mailer
Media Page /media/
Photo Galleries Page /media/photos
Photo Gallery /media/photos/:id
Video Galleries Page /media/videos
Video /media/videos/:id
Video Player /media/video/:id
Embed Video Player /media/video/:id/embed
Podcast Gallery Page /media/podcasts
Podcast /media/podcasts/:id(.:format)
Newsletter Landing page /newsletters/
Newsletters Edition /newsletters/:id
Newsletters Issue /newsletters/:id/issues/:issue_id
Newsletter Template Send yourself a test; be sure you're on the test list
Newsletters Signup /newsletters/signup
Newsletter Issues /newsletter-issues/:isssue_id/copy(.:format)
Store Front Page /products
Product Category Page /products/category/:id
Product Keyword Landing Page /products/keyword/:id
Product Page /products/category/:id/product/:id
Product Email /products/email/:id
Product Log View /products/log_view/:id
Product Image /products/image/:id
Store Search /store/search
Shopping Cart /cart
Shopping Cart Empty /cart/empty
Shopping Cart Item Count /cart/item_count
Shopping Cart Remove Item /cart/remove/:id
Shopping Cart Item Type /cart/:item_type/:item_id/:quantity
Shopping Cart Product Quantity /cart/:proudct_id/:quantity
Checkout - Shipping and Billing /store/checkout
Checkout Payment Confirmation Page /store/confirm
Checkout Thank You Page /store/thanks
Receipt Email CC yourself on receipts; test order to view
Event Receipt Email CC yourself on receipts; test order to view
Login / Subscribe Form /user/login
User Login (from locked articles) /user/login
Forgotten Password /user/reminder
Authenticate User /user/authenticate
User Logout /user/logout
Mini User /user/mini
Email to a Friend /emails/sent_to_friend/:type/:id/:subtype/:subid
Email to a Friend /emails/send_to_friend/:type/:id
File Data /files/topic(/:id)
Profile Page /user/profile
Registration Form /user/new
Welcome New User Email Sign-up to receive email to view template
Order History /user/orders
Order Detail /user/orders/:order_id
My Subscriptions /user/profile/#subscriptions
My Directory Listings Can be found under /user/profile
Registration Thank You Page /user
Subscriptions /subscriptions
New Subscription Form /subscriptions/new/:product_id
New Subscription Thank You Page /subscriptions/thank_you
Renew Subscription /subscriptions/renew
Trial Subscription Product /subscriptions/trial/:product_id
Create a Trial Subscription /subscriptions/create_trial
Trial Subscription Thank You /subscriptions/thank_you_trial
Out of the Box  
Static Page No standard
Static Page (no side rail) No standard
Static Page (blank) empty page
Static Page (secure) will use HTTPS
404 / 500 Error Page Force 404 error to view/500 error only if server fails
RSS Feed Landing page /rss
RSS Topic /rss/topic/:id
RSS Feed /rss/:id
Digital Edition Link editorial content with access privileges
Form Mailer /mailer
Google XML Sitemap /sitemap.xml
Google News Sitemap /news_sitemap.xml
Comments /comments/flag/:type/:id
Poll archives page /polls/
Poll results page /polls/:id/results
Search Results /search?q=
Advanced Search Form /search/new
Advanced Product Search Form /search?
Product Search Results /search?datatype=product&q
Publication Landing Page /publications
Publication Edition Page /publications/:id/editions/:edition_id
Directories Landing Page /directories/
Directories: Individual Directory /directories/:id
Directory Listing Page /directories/:id/listing/:listing_id
Edit Directory Listing Page /directories/:id/edit/:listing_id
Tier Directories Landing Page /directories/:id/tiers
Tier Directory Listing /directories/:id/new/:tier
Basic Directory Listing /directories/:id/new/basic
Advanced Directory Listing /directories/:id/new/advanced
Premium Directory Listing /directories/:id/new/premium
Edit Basic Directory Listing /directories/:id/edit/:listing_id
Edit Advanced Directory Listing /directories/:id/edit/:listing_id
Edit Premium Directory Listing /directories/:id/edit/:listing_id
Directory Enhanced Listings Page /directories/id/listing/id
Directory Submissions Process  
Email Directory Listing /emails/link_directory/:id
Directory Search Results /search?q=house&taxonomy=term&datatype=directory&commit=Go)
Directory Renewals Site-specific
Directory Thank You Page /directories/thanks
Directory Show Page /directories/:id/:alpha
Directory RFQ Site-specific