How do I search for an event?

1. To search for an event, click on Revenue and then Events in your Dashboard.

2. Enter your Search terms in the top field, including keywords matching associated company names, event ID or title.

Click on the filter icon to the left to search by:

1. Topics

2. Classification

3. Site Placement

4. Begin Date

5. End Date

6. Published or Unpublished

3. Search results are displayed with the following information:

  • Title: Title of the event. Clicking the event title opens the Event Manager for the chosen event.
  • Begin: Beginning date / time for the event
  • End: Ending date / time for the event
  • Published: Whether the status of the event is PUBLISHED / UNPUBLISHED
  • Pagination: Bottom right of the search results, if there are more than 50 events in the search results

5. Click the event title to open the event in the Event Manager for editing.